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We are bringing traditional tandoor cooking to your home with beautiful clay ovens that are as pleasing to the eye as the food cooked in them will please your taste buds. Not only will you get the beautiful luxury item for your backyard, you will experience the moist and tender results that only a real wood burning tandoor can bring. Perfect for cooking for your family or for a backyard full of guests, take your backyard barbecue to the next level.

The term tandoor (tandoori oven) refers to a variety of ovens, the most commonly known is a cylindrical clay or metal oven used in cooking and baking.

Arabic/Persian: تنور Turkish: tandır Urdu: تندور‎ Armenian: Թոնիր Azerbaijani: təndir Hindi: तन्दूर Punjabi: ਤੰਦੂਰ Uyghur:تونۇر‎ tonur Chinese: 馕坑 Korean: 탄두르 Sanskrit: कन्दु Bengali: তন্দূর Georgian: თონე

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Advantages of using tandoor over a conventional grill
Use Less Fuel
Grill: Because of open air exposure wood chips or charcoals are burned much faster, which means you will have to use much more fuel.

Tandoor: Tandoor retains heat well. With one lit fire you can cook up to 3-4 batches of meat and kebabs. This means you use much less wood while also saving a lot of time.
Easy to Use
Grill: You must constantly monitor the cooking process to ensure that all the pieces are being cooked evenly.

Tandoor: All you have to do is watch the overall time of your food inside a tandoor. The rest is tandoor's job.
Better Results
Grill: Because of a prolonged exposure to fire and coals the meat can become dry. It can also burn easily.

Tandoor: Because of the unique structure and shape of tandoor food can never be burnt. Shorter heat exposure and tandoor's unique even heat distribution ensure that every dish comes out juicy and flavorful.
No Limits
Grill: Limited number of cooking methods and recipes

Tandoor: There are hundreds of different recipes for tandoor. You can even invent your own!